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Constructed in the year 1354, the Taragarh Fort is one of the greatest forts in Bundi. It is also known as Star Fort. Positioned on a steep hill, the Taragarh Fort also offers a breathtaking view of the Kota. It looks best during the sunset as the city gets drenched in the fading light of the Sun. However, the main attraction for the tourists is the fort itself. As you enter the Taragarh Fort, the giant gateway will provide you a grand welcome. There are three gateways to enter the court and each of them has a distinct name. The different names are Lakshmi Pol, Phuta Darwaza and Gagudi ki Phatak. The detailed carvings of elephants on the gate will give you an idea about what's in store inside. Though time have had its effect on the various features of the fort yet these features exhibit the grandeur of Rajput rule.

Bundi is one of the most of the popular tourist places in Rajasthan. Blessed with an unending natural beauty, the particular place is great to visit as it boasts a perfect combination of natural beauty and historical significance. Hence, tourists of all kinds get a great experience by visiting the place. Bundi is in fact famous for baolis or step wells and water tanks. These are great attractions for tourists in Bundi. However, the forts and palaces in Bundi are also a great attraction for tourists. The Bundi Palace of Rajasthan is perfect place to visit in order to witness the extraordinary craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The various exhibits of the palace provide you a great window in to the history of the place.

Set in the heart of the town, Nawal Sagar Lake is a major tourist attraction of Bundi. The lake is all around surrounded by different baoris. This artificial lake has a famous temple at the center. The temple is dedicated to Lord Varuna and it holds immense religious significance. People from all over visit the temple to seek the blessings of Lord Varuna.

Having a class of its own, the Sukh Mahal was built during the era of Umed Singh. The main objective behind building this mahal was to provide a facility of free hand activities to the princess. The Mahal allowed the activities free from the control of Rao. Hence, the particular palace makes you aware of the tradition during that era.

Bundi in Rajasthan is a great tourist attraction. In the last few years, Bundi has climbed up the ladder to the top places as a tourist destination. Large number of tourists flock the place every year to witness the beautiful tourist spots in Bundi. The variety of tourist spots in Bundi makes it an even more popular tourist spot as it offers something to tourists of all types. Among the variety of tourist spots in Bundi, the Dabhai Kund is visited by the most number of tourists. The particular structure portrays the rich art and architecture of the place and makes tourist aware of the history of the place. It offers a great touring experience to tourists, especially to those who are ardent lover of art and architecture.